The Mousetrap ★★★★ St. Martin's Theatre | Extended Run

It's another astounding anniversary for the world's longest running play. The Mousetrap has become a national treasure and is a required stop on the London tourist scene, right up there with the Tower of London and The British Museum. However, what is really amazing is that this enduring West End fixture remains a great evening in the theatre. The definitive whodunit continues to beguile and puzzle audiences much as it did in 1952. Indeed, Agatha Christie's play stands up to the test of time and with each cast change it remains fresh and enduringly delightful. In the current iteration, Sara Lessore and George Banks convincingly convey the naïveté of Mollie and Giles Ralston – the new innkeepers who with their first intake of quirky and querulous guests get more than they bargained for. The strange and secretive group of visitors include the goofy Chris Wren impeccably played by Jonathan Tynan-Moss and the sinister Mr. Paravicini amusingly mugged by Rob Pomfret. Philip Childs is a suitably stuffy Major Metcalf and George Jones creates a completely credible Detective Sgt. Trotter. Sarah Whitlock as Mrs. Boyle and Phoebe Sparrow as Miss Casewell round out the suspect list. The audience has their work cut out for them as they try to determine who is behind the various dastardly deeds. Anthony Holland's set is as apt now as it was in 1965, and the atmosphere of the snowbound inn remains the quintessential setting for murder. We predict that this show will be celebrating many more record-breaking anniversaries. Congratulations on turning 70 and still going strong!

Rated: ★★★★

Reviewed by J.C.

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