Tommy on Top ★★★★★ Above The Stag Theatre | Jul 28 - Aug 29, 2021

Chris Woodley's hilarious Tommy on Top is without doubt one of the most side-splitting evenings we've had in the theatre in ages. The plot revolves around the premise that no out gay man has ever won the best actor Oscar. Our hero, Tommy Miller, has been snapped in a compromising clinch with his gay partner, George, and chaos ensues as he is threatened with exposure. The glamorous Alexander Hulme is ideally cast as Tommy from his first appearance in just white CK briefs to his touching tuxedoed closing speech. However, the standout performance of the evening comes from Lucas Livesey as George, the boyfriend. His comic timing is immaculate and he doesn't overplay – much. There is little room for subtlety in this sort of farce but Lucas is almost believable. It's a terrific performance. Subtle is not a word to describe Chris Lane's outrageous portrayal of Eddie, the agent, but he is brilliantly funny even when comatose and being lugged around David Shields' opulent set. Bridgette Amofah and Becky Sanneh have less showy roles but they make the most of them. Megan Armstrong as Tommy's delightfully madcap sister, Molly, delivers some smashing lines before having brilliant fun with dozens of balloons! Bryan Hodgson directs the mayhem with assured aplomb. Being a farce there are doors aplenty which open and close with military precision; the first act finale is truly amazing. The laughs come at breakneck speed as Above The Stag Theatre does it again – a hit, a palpable hit.

Rated: ★★★★★

Reviewed by D.S.J.
Photo by PBG Studios.

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