Smithfield Street Party: A Beastly Affair - FREE - ★★★★ - August, 2020

This Smithfield street party takes place all around London’s historic meat market. There is lots to see and do. Entertainment venues featured acrobats, bands and the experience was great fun. The focus is on the younger set and there were lots of great activities for children: riding on skateboards, constructing cardboard structures, developing a water feature, lots of crafts and, of course, face painting. These really gave the children lots of opportunities to use their imaginations and get away from the video screens. The parade of paper animals and the little band also both hit just the right fun impromptu note! The food stalls offered a great variety of meals and nibbles! 

Reviewed by J.C.

 Our Score:  ☆☆☆☆ 

Smithfield Market and surrounding streets
Nearest tube: Barbican or Farringdon

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