Something in the Air ★★★★ Jermyn Street Theatre | Oct 13 - Nov 12, 2022

Colin and Alex are in a care home and they have developed a relationship that exudes a gentle kindness which offers them both comfort as they savour memories of their past lives. While it was unclear for us whether this current intimacy is newfound or is based on the rekindling of a previous encounter, that probably isn't terribly important. Their relationship is presented in counterpoint to the youthful ardor and naïveté that is evinced by two younger lovers, Gareth and Nicholas. And in turn, it provides perspective on the wary flirtation of Alex's son and Colin's niece who are visiting the two elderly companions. The relationships of youth, middle years and older age are contrasted, and in this charming work it is the elderly who seem the most realistic and fulfilled. The high expectations and exuberance of the young and the preoccupations and disappointments of the middle aged offer a stark contrast to the quiet comfort and caring exuded by Ian Gelder as Colin and Christopher Godwin as Alex. Indeed, both actors do an extraordinary job of bringing the audience into their world and making us care about their two characters. James Schofield as Nicholas and Sam Thorpe-Spinks as Gareth are also completely convincing as the two young men who are exploring the demands and delights of youthful passion. Similarly, Claire Price as Colin's niece and Andrew Woodall as Alex's son hit just the right note of being weary caregivers beset by the challenges of their own lives, yet trying to do the right thing for their elders. Peter Gill has written a bijou of a play that in brief strokes captures the arc of human relationships, and thoughtfully points out the differences in those moments of connection that define the stages of our lives.

Rated: ★★★★

Reviewed by J.C.
Photo by Steve Gregson.

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