Toast, The Other Palace Theatre - ★★★★★ - Until August 3, 2019

We need more theatre like this... heartwarming, humorous and with free sweets! Nigel Slater's biography has inspired a play which shows us that food is a medium by which we can express almost all our human emotions and concerns. It can serve as a refuge. It can stir memory or spur a rivalry. It can symbolise reconciliation and it can substitute for sex. But ultimately, food and cooking are about love and creativity. The real recipe for great food, as for having a fulfilling life, is to follow your heart. Giles Cooper does an amazing job at capturing Nigel and Lizzy Muncey embodies his mother. Stephen Ventura's Dad doesn't miss a beat. John Riordan's direction is deft and his choreography beautifully complements the narrative. Henry Filloux-Bennett's script is a fine adaptation of the biography. We wanted to ask for seconds.

Reviewed by J.C.

 Our Score:  ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Until August 3, 2019
Mon - Sat: 7:30 pm, Thu & Sat: 3 pm
The Other Palace Theatre
Nearest tube: Victoria

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